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Redeem a promo code in Clerk – PMS

To make any changes to the subscription having your Clerk account. 1) You must always enter the system and refer to the “Account” tab. 2) In the case of promo codes redeem, you should find a link that is below the range of plans. 3) Enter the code provided and proceed to the subscription of […]

How to charge taxes on the bill with Clerk

Clerk hotel is a system used by many hospitality accommodation in the world, so the automatic tax calculation can not be standardized because each country applies different tax rates and specific rules. We are defining the best way to coordinate what will be soon the best ballot at your fingertips. For now let us tell […]

How can I recover my password?

Enter the link of your hotel in Clerk ( Click on “Do you want to recover your password?” Enter your username and select “Send password” Clerk will send you an email immediately to the address you provided to us when you created your Clerk account You will receive an email from Clerk Services with a link […]

What is my Clerk account domain address?

If you don’t know or simply you can’t remember what your Clerk domain address is, follow these steps and your problem we will solved in a few minutes: Go to Administration. On the left sidebar, click on Hotel to see your hotel basic information. Now, pay attention to the second field called Access to your hotel. […]

How can I access Clerk from my phone?

Clerk is lead to bring your accommodation’s activity wherever you are and whenever you want. Our mobile feature allows you to check in a glance your hotel main activity and important numbers like daily sales, passengers, and room occupancy percentages. You can access your hotel in Clerk by two different ways: Go to your phone […]

How can I log into my Clerk account?

Once activated, you can log into your Clerk account following these simple steps: Go to your favorite browser Enter your Clerk adress. For example: if you defined “artistas” as subdomain in the registration form, your web adress will be A window  will appear in your browser. Then, complete the fields with your Clerk username […]

How can I create my Clerk account?

You have to know that creating a Clerk account is like a game. You just need 5 minutes where you will be asked to configurate the caracteristics of your accomodation in three simple steps: Information Type of rooms Prices Afterwards, you’ll start enjoying all Clerk’s and keep on exploring all benefits and features offered. Please, follow […]

¿How to refresh my browser data?

Delete your browser’s Caché Sometimes sites and programs like Clerk make changes and launch new features. You need to upgrade your computer browser in order to have the visual or program changes. Upgrading your browser has to do with clearing your navigational data and in particular with the cache. Your browser stores information from the previous […]