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Can my hotel staff use Clerk?

ClerkHotel allows you to manage your business in a collaborative way by adding users to your hotel account. You can assign 2 types of profiles to your staff users according to tasks they perform: Manager: Has access to all ClerkHotel functions, including the “Administration” section and “Reports”. They will be able to edit names and […]

Change a room reservation

If you want to change the room of a reservation in Clerk it’s very easy, just go to the reservation window you wish to edit. Once you are in the rooms tab, click on the room name colored blue, you will have automatically the list of all the room available on those dates (regardless if […]

Daily housekeeping report

We have improved the Housekeeping report to make each day easier to organize room cleanliness for the proper care of your guests. In addition to filtering the Bookings from the reservation tab, you can now inone click download an Excel document the day’s Check-in and Check-outs. You will easily edit the information you require and […]

How do I customize my hotel payment currencies in Clerk?

Clerk is growing very fast: more than 500 hotels in 50 countries are already using our management tool. This fact motivated us to give our customers the possibility to choose between currencies from every country. Customize your hotel payment currencies following these steps: Go to “Administration” in your Clerk hotel site. Click on “Currencies” in […]

How do I upload my hotel services and products to Clerk?

To import your hotel services and products to Clerk, you must have the information in a CSV format. CSV files can be easily created and edited from spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel or Numbers. Instructions: Enter your clerk adress. Log into your site. Go to “Administration” and click on “Services”. Then, choose “Import” After clicking […]