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Your personalized Booking plugin – no comissions

We’ve released a new and important feature to support your Hotel sales: the online reservation widget or personalized booking engine. The beauty of simplicity is what motivates us, thus we’ve designed an easy reservation process, efficient, quick, with no commissions and with a personalized design Without commissions! You only have to use Clerk to sell your rooms online, without commission nor “hidden […]

Tutorial to connect Clerk’s Facebook Booking widget.

To start booking reservations using Facebook you need: An account with Clerk with all your accommodation setups Have a Facebook page for your accommodation Be a Fan page administrator (page Facebook for business) of the business you want starts recalling booking reservations. Step one: Sign in your Clerk account. In the administration menu open the […]

How to get paid with Clerk’s pre-Booking

Clerk’s Booking has many advantages for your hotel, we invite you to learn what and how to use their full potential. Direct bookings Best thing about Clerk’s Booking is that it is fully integrated with the admin panel of your account Clerk! This means that when a customer makes a reservation directly to your web site, […]