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Change a room reservation

If you want to change the room of a reservation in Clerk it’s very easy, just go to the reservation window you wish to edit. Once you are in the rooms tab, click on the room name colored blue, you will have automatically the list of all the room available on those dates (regardless if […]

Earnings reports on status dashboard

At all times we are improving the various tools that Clerk offers by making them more user-friendly or by adding features that our customers request. This time we have worked on the information delivered to the different type of users each account has (Owner, Manager and Clerk) to provide the right information according to the […]

How do I change the order of the rooms on the dashboard?

There are two ways to change the order of how your rooms are displayed on the “Dashboard”. Go to “Administration” an then to “Rooms”. At the beginning of each room, close to its number or name provided by you, there are points of movement. When you drag the mouse near to those elements of the […]

Understand the colors used on the dashboard

A reservation have different status, this status are translated into different colors on the “Dashboard” to facilitate the management of your business reservations: Pending (orange) Confirmed (light blue) Check-In (green) Check-Out (blue) Also, these changes of colors are highlighted when you make a new reservation or edit a reservation previously created. When you edit a […]

How can I download all the activity of my hotel?

Clerk is flexible and wants you to use all your data anytime. That is why you can always download the database of the activities your hotel had, has and will have in Clerk. Being in your Clerk account, go to “Reservations“ On the right side of the top of the page you will find “Download […]

What is Clerk Status option for?

ClerkHotel has incorporated the Status option on the Dashboard of your hotel, allowing you to have a view of the daily activity of your hotel with a summary of the number of passengers, booking and sales of the day. Access your hotel Status in your Clerk’s hotel site. In the Dashboard tab, you will find 5 […]