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Custom email to improve you customer service

Improve your customer relationships and add value to your accommodation with a high quality care, here we explain how to use the functionality of “custom note” notification. When entering a reservation whether it comes from the Booking Clerk or manually from the Dashboard you have the opportunity to get in touch with your client when […]

Register a booking manually on Clerk’s PMS

On this post we will explain the step by step to create a new booking manually in your Clerk Dashboard. We specify manually because some reservations can be created automatically when made through your website, Facebook, TripConnect or your Channel Manager (OTAs).   Everytime that you create manually a new reservation it will appear as made […]

Tutorial to connect Clerk’s Facebook Booking widget.

To start booking reservations using Facebook you need: An account with Clerk with all your accommodation setups Have a Facebook page for your accommodation Be a Fan page administrator (page Facebook for business) of the business you want starts recalling booking reservations. Step one: Sign in your Clerk account. In the administration menu open the […]

Custom text to send policies and messages by mail

 The mails sent from Clerk to summarize a reservation and inform about its details can include custom text by default. Each time the client receive an email about a booking, either it’s a manual registration or from the booking engines, the email will include the message that the hotel wishes to inform. Every account can decide what […]

How does ClerkHotel calculate your hotel status?

ClerkHotel status shows your hotel current activity, considering sales and bookings from one day at noon until next day at noon. Therefore, the status screen reflects the number of occupied rooms during the night, and sales and bookings from noon to noon. For example: let’s say that today is Thursday and ClerkHotel status screen will give you the […]

Make a multiple booking related to a client, company or agency

Clerk can register bookings for multiple rooms simultaneously on behalf of one client (person/company/agency) – just “click” manually on the dashboard the number of rooms that you want to book at the same time. The booked rooms are registered under the same person/company/agency, but the accounts are settled separately by room. This will allow you […]