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How to activate Review Express automated

Review Express Automated is one of the tools that have been developed in conjunction with TripAdvisor to help your hotel to rank better and sell direclty. The aim of Review Express is to increase your business TripAdvisor profile comments as they are a powerful resource for marketing and sales. In fact a study of PhoCusRight […]

Activate TripConnect in your Clerk account

If you completed all TripAdvisor’s requirements to activate TripConnect, it’s time to verify your Clerk account is also configured – there are only two steps. Go o the administration tab of your Clerk account. 1. In “Types”, check if all types of rooms are the right ones and according with the Room code, also verify […]

What is TripConnect from TripAdvisor? Advantages and details

 Know more details about TripAdvisor’s new tool, TripConnect : Advantages, disadvantages? With the constant changes of the hotel industry on the web and the various services available to sell more and better their rooms we’ve been offering and spreading some criticism and advices about it. Previously, we posted a note where we stated to be carefull […]

What is the TripAdvisor’s Business listing ? Advantages?

TripAdvisor declared earlier this year that he registered 50 000 users for its service “Business listing” (This number gathers hotels, restaurants, rentals…) so this service most work right? Well the answer is Yes. Now you must evaluate whether this tool is necessary for your accommodation facing the investment required as the fee rises over a […]

Configure a TripConnect campaign on TripAdvisor

The TripConnect setup in TripAdvisor is very easy, you just need to do the following: Set a budget and the way in which it will be consumed (end date, maximum amount per day…). Carefull, you can’t set a start date nor define special date where the campaign is going to be run – when activating […]