Letter code and colors of Clerk’s dashboard

Manage your business with Clerk is very easy as we work to make it very intuitive, that includes the visual components because they deliver important information to achieve actions and tasks. 

Where reservations come from

To have control over where bookings come from, we mean the sale channel, Clerk gives you specific information to track incoming reservations. As you can see on the image the letter’s code identify the sales channel where thebookings where registered.


There are five different categories from where you can get reservations :

  1. Clerk : this are all manual reservations made by all thr account users. You can indentificar to create the reservation if they came straight to the reception (walkin), phone or mail.
  2. OTA : For all accounts suscribed to Clerk Channel Manager reservations arriving from various OTAs portals (Booking, Expedia, Orbitz, hostelworld and other 24 agencies more) will automatically appear on the Dasboard with the code for the “O”.
  3. Facebook : If you’ve installed your Facebook booking engine, the code “F” will be market on reservations made through this social media.
  4. Website : “W” is for all reservations made through the booking engines installed on your web site.
  5. TripConnect : If you are on TripAdvisor businnes linsting and contracted  TripConnect tools, you will receive reservations via your campaigns.


A reservation have different status, this status are translated into different colors on the “Dashboard” to facilitate the management of your business reservations:

See how they appear on your dashboard: