Tutorial to connect Clerk’s Facebook Booking widget.

To start booking reservations using Facebook you need:

  • An account with Clerk with all your accommodation setups
  • Have a Facebook page for your accommodation
  • Be a Fan page administrator (page Facebook for business) of the business you want starts recalling booking reservations.

Step one:

Sign in your Clerk account.

In the administration menu open the tab online sales, in there you will find the button that lets you connect your account clerk with the Facebook page of your accommodation free of charge.

conectar facebook a cuenta clerk

Step 2:

You must be previously connected to your personal Facebook account and an administrator of the facebook fan page of the business. Press the button and choose the account that you wish to bind with Clerk.

activar widget facebook

Step 3: Agree the application permissions for Clerk’s booking facebook be successfully installed.

mensaje de conexión exitosa

Step 4: Arrange the order of the totality of your installed applications within your facebook page in order to be visible for you clients. You can do that by hover over the applications and clicking on the pencil appearing.
We recommend to promote your facebook booking in your Biography’s image.

gestión de pagina facebook hotel

This is your Booking Form on Facebook with all your Hotel’s information

widget facebook motor de reserva