Booking for your hotel website

We understand that besides looking after the reservation management of your hotel, you want to sell your rooms hopefully without giving any commissions or using intermediaries.

Soon this will be very simple to do because Clerk will allow you to take a personalized booking module of your Hotel to your website. With this your clients would be able to book from your website and know immediately if you can receive them and take the reservation.

For this we’ve developed a module that you can personalize and easily put onto your website and start immediately receiving bookings without complications, delays or commissions.

Sell your rooms how and when you want it because Clerk recognizes all reservations made through your website with you booking module, specially designed for selling the rooms better, without commissions, quick and secure.

Want to give it a try? The module at the bottom is connected with our LabHotel. Make all reservations you wish and you’ll see how your new Booking Module is going to work, personalized exclusively for your Hotel.

Write a real email so you can receive the confirmation, as well as your customersreceive when you start using this important tool that delivers Clerk.