How can I create my Clerk account?¿Cómo puedo crear mi cuenta en Clerk?

You have to know that creating a Clerk account is like a game. You just need 5 minutes where you will be asked to configurate the caracteristics of your accomodation in three simple steps: Information Type of rooms Prices Afterwards, you’ll start enjoying all Clerk’s and keep on exploring all benefits and features offered. Please, follow […]

What is Clerk Status option for?¿Para qué sirve la opción Status en Clerk?

ClerkHotel has incorporated the Status option on the Dashboard of your hotel, allowing you to have a view of the daily activity of your hotel with a summary of the number of passengers, booking and sales of the day. Access your hotel Status in your Clerk’s hotel site. In the Dashboard tab, you will find 5 […]

What do the colors of the reservations mean?¿Qué significan los colores de las reservas?

A reservation has the following status, which is translated into different colors used on the “Dashboard” and are highlighted when you are editing a reservation: Pending (orange) Confirmed (light blue) Check-In (green) Check-Out (blue) Also, these changes of colors are highlighted when you make a new reservation or edit a reservation previously created. When you […]