Clerk Newsletter

Clerk already has more than 300 hotels in 46 countries. That’s why having a fluent and clear communication is strategic. There are our clients, these current Clerk users who will show us the way, and  if we do it well, it’s very possible that they can also become our promoters.

Everyday we work to make Clerk better, with new features, the best usability and a good user experience, We have dozens of improvements coming out from Clerk headquarters and the first to know will be our clients.

Clerk is full of details which make front-desk work and client management something surprising, and that’s the reason we create Tips & Tricks, our Help section.

In Clerk Newsletter 01 we announce:

  • Events: Clerk allows you to classify especial dates like holidays or celebrations. Point them out on the dashboard and they’ll have a different color in your booking calendar.
  • Maintenance: Now you can block the use of a room for a period of time. Once finished, the room will be avalaible again.

Also, we give you two Clerk tips:

  • How to import clients from a data base to Clerk
  • How Clerk helps you to know your clients

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