Clerk win the Foro de inversión 2012 award (Investor Forum 2012)

Clerk and Infratec were the winners of this competition which results in an internship in Spain in the INBERSO business accelerator at the University of Santiago de Compostela and is backed by Santander Bank, IDB, UNESCO and the Ministry of Commerce Spanish, where they receive coaching to raise capital and investors with leading European rounds.

Premio Foro Inversion 2012

We won best startup during Innovation Forum 2012 held this week in Valparaiso and Vina del Mar (Chile). The competition attracted more than 130 entrepreneurs from which we where selected in the top 25 through a blind vote of a local and foreign investors panel.

The Innovation Forum 2012 was a special event that allowed these 25 companies to present their company to a select group of international investors and business plans in order to pursue raising of capital. The event took place in the halls of the Casino of Viña del Mar, last April 18th.

We are very happy because we worked hard doing what we like. We now we have an excellent world-class business and a growing service for all our fellow hoteliers in the world.