TripConnect is a tool created to push your property sales directly on TripAdvisor’s website: the world’s most popular review portal. Two star products are at your service:

  1. TripConnect ™ Cost-Per-Click
  2. TripConnect ™ Instant Booking

To enjoy these products you must have a business profile on TripAdvisor and sometimes subscribe to their business listing (in other words be a customer of TripAdvisor: more information here).

TripConnect ™ Instant Booking until now had not been launched everywhere. Gradually more countries are being add so more hotels can use this feature.

The “charm” of this tool is you pay a commission when booking are generated, this is exactly as you do with other OTAs like Expedia,, Orbitz, Agoda … This logic is totally different from TripConnect ™ Cost-Per-Click where you invest on advertising to obtain direct bookings without commissions(more information about TripConnect ™ Cost-Per-Click here).

To use Instant Booking you can choose from two types of commissions. It all depends on the amount of sales opportunities you want to generate against OTAs (OTAs What are and why not rely on them?)

  • 12% commission: from 100 customers who view your profile, 25 will be able to visualize your rates and book trough Instant Booking.The other 75 will visualize OTA’s rates.
  • 15% commission: from 100 customers who view your profile, 50 will be able to visualize your rates and book trough Instant Booking. The other 50 will visualize OTA’s rates.

Important: If your rates are more expensive than those published by the OTA the instant booking feature will not show your rates and clients won’t be able to book. They must be equal or less expensive.

To activate TripConnect ™ Instant Booking you need to have a SILVER plan, contact us for more information.

If you already have a SILVER plan, contact the support to help you with the implementation.



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