New payment system for Clerk PMS – better, faster & stronger


We’ve been working on this operation for quite some time and finally got it done. Don’t misunderstand our words we are very grateful for what Paypal allowed us to do since the beginning of Clerk but now it’s time to mature and get a world level payment system for our colleagues users.

pago con tarjeta de credito sistema hotelero

We will like to tell you more about the steps of this process that are self explanatory of why we took our time in order to ensure the security, effectiveness and above all to guaranty our costumer trust.

Afterwards we configured Clerk with a Merchant specialized in web services called “Stripe” to manage all the payments entering in our PMS in a efficient and effective way but also to enhance the user experience and improve our assistance whenever you need support.

payement credit card pms

Finally but not less important we implemented all the transactional logics to make your payment process a game!

This is one of our numerous planed improvement and continuous developments to make our service and product better, faster and stronger and be confident that all our new costumers are safe and running smoothly.

We’ll be starting with a costumer migration to the new payment system next week when the feature officially see the light. In between if you have doubts, questions or simply want to congratulate us – just comment below.

¡Welcome to all our new users!