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More Clerk releases: iGoogle widget

As you may notice, Clerk is announcing a lot of new releases and improvements. After our mobile service and data API, we launched a Clerk iGoogle Widget which gives you an overview of your hotel main activity from your customized Google page. Check your hotel dialy sales, reservations, passengers and occupancy to make the right […]

What is Clerk Status option for?¿Para qué sirve la opción Status en Clerk?

ClerkHotel has incorporated the Status option on the Dashboard of your hotel, allowing you to have a view of the daily activity of your hotel with a summary of the number of passengers, booking and sales of the day. Access your hotel Status in your Clerk’s hotel site. In the Dashboard tab, you will find 5 […]

What do the colors of the reservations mean?¿Qué significan los colores de las reservas?

A reservation has the following status, which is translated into different colors used on the “Dashboard” and are highlighted when you are editing a reservation: Pending (orange) Confirmed (light blue) Check-In (green) Check-Out (blue) Also, these changes of colors are highlighted when you make a new reservation or edit a reservation previously created. When you […]