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How does Clerk payment work?¿Cómo se paga en Clerk?

All our customers have to start in Clerk with a Free Trial period because we want you to test our product and deliberate that you really want to got to the next level with your business. For that matter you have 60 days to leverage all your establishment from the front desk to the room […]

How do I get a payment plan? ¿Cómo contrato un plan de pago?

We know the specific needs that hoteliers have in order to manage their services in variable seasons. In that way, we work on a monthly suscription in order to let you upgrade and downgrade depending on your needs. [Notice that we are no longer working with Paypal and moved to Stripe to facilitate and make easier to you Clerk’s payment.] […]

When should I switch my Clerk plan? ¿Cuándo me conviene cambiar de plan?

adobe cs6 trial download The flexibility associated with the flow of sales from your hotel, is one of the main Clerk advantages. You can change your plan whenever you want depending on your accommodation activity. The idea is that you pay what you use. Start with a free trial. We recommend you to upgrade your plan […]