Get Review Express automated and integrated in your PMS

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Review Express Automated is one of the tools that have been developed in conjunction with TripAdvisor to help your hotel to rank better and sell direclty. Review expres tablero TripAdvisor The aim of Review Express is to increase your business TripAdvisor profile comments as they are a powerful resource for marketing and sales. In fact a study of PhoCusRight indicates that over 50% of travelers required to read reviews before booking. The problem is that it is very difficult to get guests to leave reviews on TripAdvisor once they Check-out. falta de opiniones en tripadvisor Review Express allows you to send personalized and profesional mailings that are connected to your TripAdvisor profile so you receive comments on the experience clients got from their stay . You just need to make email list and send each time a campaign when clients leave. opinión exprés herramienta de marketing Although Review Express is a tool that any TripAdvisor profile owner can obtain (Visit the section of free marketing tools) it is necessary that someone configure campaigns Reviews by entering email lists and specific nationalities. Even when having few rooms this task can lose its usefulness if it is not done periodically and in the right language. For those who wanted to solve this situation by choosing to send Review Express’s mailing only to “Happy” guests, you should know that TripAdvisor has a control to prevent these anomalies. The solution is then try to collect the largest possible amount of reviews. That is why you should automate this process. So when the customer leaves the mailing is programmed to be send automatically on a strategic time and personalized with the clients data. Express Review is integrated with Clerk so all this process is done when doing a check-out. Besides your results and statistics will be available at all times. Monitor responses and respond easily to your customers whenever you want.

Tips and advice to configurate TripConnect campaigns

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We listed some recommendations to help you configure your campaigns TripConnect:

If the hotel has contracts with online brokers portals like or trivago , you should know that your rates will be published in competition with those OTAs. Here are some tips for this case scenario:

  1. If you have high season dates it would be a good strategy to close out all those dates to OTAs. This way you will be offering your availability and rates in real time without competition. Avoid losing the opportunity to sell directly your rooms and save the commission from OTAs – Also by doing that you will be able to have the lowest PPC on TripConnect.
  2. perfil tripadvisor con competencia y tripconnect

  3. For the dates on which OTAs have rooms inventory available because you need them, your rates should appear in the comparison TripAdvisor with the same rate as your competitors. Verify that you are publishing rates without TAX and that your US rates may be convert in other currencies with a high exchange rate (see how your competitors are doing the conversion).

publicación de tarifas tripconnect con portales OTA

You must know that TripAdvisor’s price comparator works with the bid you define on each market PPC and not according the prices published. You don’t need to invest to be in the first place because if you have a lower price and on a third position, they will book with you. Also, by having the same rate that OTAs, clients will decide where they want to book… so no need in paying a more expensive PPC (Anyhow this click will be cheaper that the 15-12% commission).
Carefull, the only problem of not being in the first position is that your rate is not well featured when travelers use the dates search engine but with an interesting price this shouldn’t be a problem.

directorio tripadvisor disponibilidad precios por fecha

If the hotel doesn’t have contracts with OTAs, only his rates will be published.

When appearing in the TripAdvisor’s directory, hotels are automatically positioned in the hospitality industry scene of a particular area. This is because the traveler has a search process: The first thing they do it’s to know the options available, then choose according to their budget and finally define which hotel on the budget range has the best reviews to book.
The following image illustrates how hotels appear on TripAdvisor when they don’t have TripConnect:

perfil tripadvisor sin tripconnect activado

Therefore, TripConnect tool allows you to promote direct sales at a low cost since according to the searched dates, clients will find availability and related rates. The publication are real time and link to TripAdvisor certificated booking engine for a better reliance.
We hope that our recommendations helped you to prepare your next TripConnect campaign, any doubt or idea please share with our hoteliers community!

Configure a TripConnect campain on TripAdvisor

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adminsitration center tripconnect

The TripConnect setup in TripAdvisor is very easy, you just need to do the following:

  1. Set a budget and the way in which it will be consumed (end date, maximum amount per day…). Carefull, you can’t set a start date nor define special date where the campaign is going to be run – when activating TripConnect the campaign is launched automatically.
  2. Afterwards, you will need to decide how much you will pay each click (bid). The amount set will define your position in the rate publication. The PPC is related to your TripAdvisor ranking y the local market (the PPC will be higher for a touristic locality than for one that isn’t).
  3. Finally, you need to select the countries where the campaign is going to be operating. You can leave out countries where the PPC is too expensive or decide to target one market… it depends on your strategy!

The difficulty of this process lies on the objectives you want to achieve with this investment, so please read some of our tips and recommendations before.

You will find on the following video how to setup TripConnect on your TripAdvisor profile:

What are the requirements of TripAdvisor to activate TripConnect

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If you wish to activate TripAdvisor’s new tool to appear on the Hotel Price Comparison search of the world’s biggest traveler community you need to complete the following inquiries and have a Clerk account!

  1. Go to your TripAdvisor account and search for the Management Center and sign up for TripConnect – then read, acknowledge and accept the TripConnect terms and conditions.
  2. You need to have a current paid subscription with TripAdvisor, called Business Listing
  3. Connect your TripConnect certified Booking Engine – Clerk is a Premium Partner!

activate tripconnectMake sure you completed all your Clerk account setup, so you get an automatic connection. If you are ready, follow the leads of this video:

Beware! Even if you’ve completed the previous list you have to make investments on TripConnect to use it:

  • Having an active TripConnect campaign : You can setup campaigns whenever you want as there aren’t minimum monthly spends.
  • Your bid meets the minimum bid requirement for your property : Even if you don’t have a minimum spend each month you will have to adequate your investment depending on your TripAdvisor Profile and the current market place (current rating,  location, popularity ranking, seasonality…).

presupuesto y cpc tripconnect

TripAdvisor charge every 30 days regardless of whether I get to the top of your investment.

If you have doubts of the advantages of TripConnect visit this link.

Clerk is a TripAdvisor Premium Partner

tripconnect-premium partner-certified

Activate TripConnect with your Booking Engine Clerk

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If you completed all TripAdvisor’s requirements to activate TripConnect, it’s time to verify your Clerk account is also configured – there are only two steps.

Go o the administration tab of your Clerk account.

1. In “Types”, check if all types of rooms are the right ones and according with the Room code, also verify the max pax number. Than you need to make sure to add the dollar currency and upload prices in dollars for each type of room so TripAdvisor can publish them on the portal.

type of room tripconnect

2. Make sure you’ve filled out all the information required by the “Hotel” option from the “Administration” tab.

data información tripconnect

3. Ones everything is ready, you will have to indicate your TripAdvisor’s ID property.

activate tripconnectYou can find this code on your TripAdvisor’s URL profile – just look for the number next to the “d” letter.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.21.26 PM