1.6 billion international tourists would be travelling around the world in 2020

According to “Tourism: 2020 Vision”, a study made by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), international tourists at a global range would reach 1.6 billion travels as a peak on 2020, being 1.2 billion of them intra-regional and 378 million from further latitudes.

In that sense, the european continent would be in the first position of most visited regions with 717 million tourists, in second place Eastern Asia and the Pacific (397 million) and then America (282 million), followed by Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

Likewise, the expenses made by each tourist in rental, food, local transportation, entertainment and shopping are main aspects for the “touristic economy”, because they generate more employment and development opportunities for hoteliers around the world. In that sense, WTO estimated that in 2008 the incomes from international tourism reached 944 billion dollars, where all the regions of the planet were involved.