Accountings in the hospitality industry – management software

Hospitality establishment’s accounting is complicated because it covers different kind of services, categories and customer account.

The management of payments in a hotel should clearly separate bills by room thus even when one client pays for multiple rooms. It’s important to make a difference between Client (individual, company, agency) and Passenger (people staying in the room) in order to get the big picture of how to deal with all payments.

When a client has an account/room you can start charging him services and extras if he is the one staying in the room, in the case that he is a business man and the company is paying for his room you will have to make him a passenger. This will make everything easier for you and him when dealing with the bill.

When it comes to the accountings of services and extras, we recommend a smart separation of categories:

  • Sets (restaurant, transportation, concierge …)
  • Type (drinks, roomservice, breakfast)

Each hotel may manage these categories according to their preferences on accounting issues. Ex. the hotel manager wants to keep track of all expenses that are recognized as beverages throughout the hotel (restaurant, bar, roomservice …) in a single category.

Deliver a clear and detailled bill with all client consumption and this will avoid common misunderstandings.  Also, offering the option of creating an additional bill for extras when handling your passengers from companies and agencies will help you meet the demands of both the passenger and the client.

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