Activate in your Clerk Channel Manager

Now you can activate in your Clerk Channel Manager ( for Brasil). Check all the intermediaries available for activation by clicking here.

We have connected with the major OTAs of the world and specially those of Latin America!

With this new two way integration you will be able to sell simultaneously your inventory with different intermediaries – including – without having to manage different extranets or worrie about overbookings.

despegar-ota-channel manager
Despegar in Clerk Channel Manager

Access the largest virtual showcase of Latin America to sell your rooms, cottages, appartments or any other property. This exposure will give you an interesting online presence and generate more sales opportunities. Also, you will get more leads from the brazilian market as they have a special version for that country (

What should you do now ?

  • If you already have your Clerk Channel Manager, contact our 24/7 support team to submit your credentials and coordinate the activation of Despegar’s new extranet.
  • If you DON’T have your Clerk Channel Manager,  request a demo right now. We’ll be pleased to help you out!