Airbnb : What is it about and how can I use it for my hotel business ?

First thing to understand with “collaboratives rentals” such as Airbnb and similars is the sence that you become part of a community. This small change of concept impacts in several ways the classic hospitality model we all know… but with some adjustments you can adopt this sales channel for your business.

Does your business fit into this concept?

Airbnb can be a very good alternative for independent hoteliers to create unique travel experiences, have particular products or adhere to the trends of the present society. In this regard, standard or chain hotels are not the target and don’t seem to be welcome.

It’s all about offering something that is not confined to a plain room that looks like all the others, a lobby and a receptionist. The idea is to live locally and feel like one.


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Open an Airbnb account

The concept of provider/hotel and client/guest is rather nebulous here as it is assumed that all participants of this community are people and that these people can host each others. 

This logic is based on the internet trend for peer to peer transactions, this is a direct exchange (in this case accommodation) and without intermediaries between users. So “those who seek to stayno longer relate unilaterally as they may at some point become “the ones hosting” too.

Now, the question is how to establish my business as a brand on Airbnb? There are really two options, choose the one you think is best.

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1. Be the accommodation’s owner and open a profile as you where another person from the community. We advise not to use your facebook account but your email to create your Airbnb profile as your staff might handle bookings.  It’s also advisable to use your account to stay somewhere at least one time so you get reviews as a visitor.

2. Create a profile as a business. The problem you will find here is when filling up all the profile text fields as they are meant to be for a person (for example : What do you like to do?). Try to complete as much as you can and be clear its a brand and not a person.

How much Airbnb cost ?

It is clear that Airbnb doesn’t present itself as a intermediary if we compare it to another OTA, it is more like a facilitator… even if there is no doubt that all users of this cmmunity are Airbnb clients.

When appearing on Airbnb’s listing, all properties are published with the security and quality seal the website communicates.  That is why both host and guest are willing to pay a “minimum” fee for the service delivered to conclude the booking and payment taken place in this exchange.

The seller (in this case the hotel) will have to pay 3% of the reservation’s total for transaction and service costs. Which isn’t that much when considering the average commissio intermediaries handle (such as OTAs or tour operators). An insurance up to one million dollars is available for the owner if the property is in one of the 16 countries covered (Please check if your property goes into the policy and if this information has been updated but for now the countries of Latin America are not covered).

El comprador por su lado paga entre un 6 a 12% del monto de la reserva, el porcentaje depende del tamaño del monto final gastos de transferencia incluidos. Un pago mínimo por el valor agregado o

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