All in One: Website + Booking Engine + Clerk PMS

Marketing, sales and management Online for your independent hotel.

In Clerk we are Hoteliers and Geeks at the same time, that is why we created this All in One solution for digital hoteliers. The idea is to make you forget all technology and internet problems, so you can focus on your guests.

servicio en línea para hoteles estrategia

Things working as they should, having an easy to use technology across devices, clients receiving notifications and a fine and personalized service… is a dream come true! Now we want your business to connect with the world, no matter what country your customer are coming from or if they are looking for your business from a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop computer.

Clerk provides new tools developed specifically for the independent hotelier seeking to position itself on the Internet and connect directly with its clients from the beginning and without intermediaries.

 all in one clerk sitio web y motor de reserva

Clerk All in One is a service that solves all travelers consumer behavior phases and continues attending them during and after their stay for a perfect :

  • Website: Having a successful online presence depends on many additional factors. It all starts with a website well built, functional and beautiful. We ensure that all the necessary ingredients are here for you to implement a communication and marketing strategy in all digital media. Discover every one of the features of your next website.
  • Booking engines: Once your website and marketing strategy have taken effect you only need to close the sale. To do this, your web and facebook booking engines are responsable for the capturing of costumer’s reservations based on real time availability and seasonal rates configured on your hotel. Free and without commissions your reservation will be appearing on your dashboard and notified by mail to you and your new guest. Generates up to 8 times more direct sales, see how it looks here.
  • Full Clerk software: Control your hotel from anywhere, with any device connected to the internet and in collaborative way. Manages reservations and your clients accounts in one place with tools to improve your relationship with the guests, your profitability and the efficiency of your business. See all the management features for independent hoteliers Clerk.

If you are interested in this new Plans, please contact us to hola[at] for us to start the implementation process and activation.