Atrapalo now available in your Clerk Channel Manager

Since February 2016 you can add the online travel agency “Atrapalo” to your Channel Manager Clerk!


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This spaniard channel can be very interesting for hoteliers working in the spanish-speaking market as this OTA has invested Latin America and particularly the following countries:

  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Perú
  • Panamá
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Argentina
  • México

In the hospitality industry, Atrapalo has an inventory of 400 000 properties around the world (175 countries). Hotel businesses come second place as the product that raise the most benefits for the company according to last years figures.

¿Atrapalo in my Channel Manager?

Even if a lot of users are in Spain, Atrapalo has invested 8 million euros in a 5 year plan to expand in Latin America.  It is for sure a great opportunity for this region’s hoteliers to join as they will:

  1. Take advantage of this OTA invested marketing campaign
  2. Have a solid showcase of their business in Spain and get sales from that market

The particularity of this OTA is related to its origin: Indeed they started commercializing deals on tickets/seats that couldn’t get sold. In a way, Atrapalo is more engaged in deals and special offers… and this can be very useful for hoteliers wanting a channel that allow them to market low seasons or products hard to sell.

In last press releases it is mentioned that sales grew 60% in Latin America during 2015 and apparently Atrapalo is the second largest travel and entertainment agency in the region when it comes to presence. Gradually this OTA is creating its way, they are not the most important regarding the benefits generated in Latin America, but we can recognize the segmentation they implemented and the possibilities projected.

If you already have your Channel Manager Clerk and want to activate Atrapalo do not hesitate in contacting Clerk’s support team!