Basis of Hotel management for small hotel, boutique, lodge

Missions and tasks of hospitality industry managers

The hotel management, also known as Hotel Management, is a concept that integrates many hotel activities and aims to increase the profitability – many times this concept is realized by a position in the organization of an establishment: the “manager”.

The hotel management covers all administration tasks relating to the care of the client (front desk), logistics, maintenance, restoration … All these data refer to the organization’s of team members and the establishment. However it is important to note that management is complex and the most insignificant mistakes can be fatal ( in monetary and customer relations terms).

The hospitality industry is suffering a lot from this lack of care for the detail and professional attitude caused by the effect of high and low seasons – as the need to recruit large numbers of people doesn’t always comes with the possibility to engage qualified staff. Thus, work and simplify the whole management process is highly recommended.

On the scale of a small business (like hostel, B&B, lodges, cabañas…) we recommend:

A qualified team:

  • A receptionist who speaks English and the local language
  • A well-constructed employee schedule that includes an emergency team when the agenda is out of control
  • A team of maid that is neatness and meticulous with all the cleaning tasks
  • An emergency manual to handle a good relationship with customers and handle complaints. This method provides employees autonomy and effectiveness when responding to customers demands – also the team is more involved.

An optimal establishment :

  • Facilities should be eligible to receive guests. The maintenance of rooms and common areas is essential because these are the details that affect directly the customer experience.
  • Provide good services and extras (ex. a bad American breakfast should be eliminated of the menu and better be replaced by homemade bread and jam).
  • Having a list of shops and activities that surround our business.


  • Free Wi-Fi service
  • A good system of Hotel Management can increase the profitability of any facility that receives persons for indefinite periods such as hotels, timeshares, boutique hotels, rural houses … Indeed, when automating then administration you are gaining time  to focus more on your client and less in paperwork.
  • Make a customer database that allows you to recognize and ensure customer allegiance.

Is this the way you are handling your business, more ideas? Please, Comment!