Booking Facebook app for accommodation business

Every day we care to join you in growing your business, but more than a tool we want Clerk to be your business partner.

That’s why we launched the new Booking Facebook!

Like our Web Booking widget, this new application is free and without commissions for you to sell your rooms directly avoiding intermediaries dependency and their high fees.

booking engine in facebook pms

You only need a Facebook page for your accommodation and a clear and easy communication strategy with your costumers (loyal and potential) and start making reservations using this new channel of sales

Follow the simple steps on our installation tutorial for Clerk’s Booking Facebook to connect facebook Hotel page directly and automatically with the Clerk’s PMS that manages reservations, accounts and customers.

installed booking engine in facebook

In addition to book reservation without fees for the client and no commission for the hotel, an advantage is that when people book with their own facebook profile you can prevent no-show because registration is done with all customers information and have a direct way to comunicate with him.

If you don’t have Clerk for your Hotel, Hostel, Cabin, Lodge, tourist apartment, get a free account now and start enjoying all the benefits offered by this software for the hospitality industry.