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Get ReviewExpress automated and integrated in your PMS

ReviewExpress Automated is one of the tools that have been developed in conjunction with TripAdvisor to help your hotel to rank better and sell direclty. The aim of Review Express is to increase your business TripAdvisor profile comments as they are a powerful resource for marketing and sales. In fact a study of PhoCusRight indicates […]

Tips and advice to configurate TripConnect campaigns

We listed some recommendations to help you configure your campaigns TripConnect: If the hotel has contracts with online brokers portals like or trivago , you should know that your rates will be published in competition with those OTAs. Here are some tips for this case scenario: If you have high season dates it would […]

Configure a TripConnect campaign on TripAdvisor

The TripConnect setup in TripAdvisor is very easy, you just need to do the following: Set a budget and the way in which it will be consumed (end date, maximum amount per day…). Carefull, you can’t set a start date nor define special date where the campaign is going to be run – when activating […]

TripAdvisor’s requirements to activate TripConnect

If you wish to activate TripAdvisor’s new tool to appear on the Hotel Price Comparison search of the world’s biggest traveler community you need to complete the following inquiries and have a Clerk account! Go to your TripAdvisor account and search for the Management Center and sign up for TripConnect – then read, acknowledge and […]

Activate TripConnect with your Booking Engine Clerk

If you completed all TripAdvisor’s requirements to activate TripConnect, it’s time to verify your Clerk account is also configured – there are only two steps. Go o the administration tab of your Clerk account. 1. In “Types”, check if all types of rooms are the right ones and according with the Room code, also verify […]

Daily housekeeping report

We have improved the Housekeeper report to make each day easier to organize room cleanliness for the proper care of your guests. In addition to filtering the Bookings from the reservation tab, you can now inone click download an Excel document the day’s Check-in and Check-outs. You will easily edit the information you require and […]

How did the Four Seasons Austin Reach 1th on TripAdvisor?

The importance of TripAdvisor in the hospitality industry cannot be overstated. TripAdvisor has approximately 62 million unique monthly visitors, who have access to more than 75 million customer reviews. With these types of engagement metrics, it could be extremely costly for a hotelier to ignore this online review site. TripAdvisor has a ranking system known […]

What is TripConnect from TripAdvisor? What are the real advantages for an Hotelier?

 Know more details about TripAdvisor’s new tool, TripConnect : Advantages, disadvantages? With the constant changes of the hotel industry on the web and the various services available to sell more and better their rooms we’ve been offering and spreading some criticism and advices about it. Previously, we posted a note where we stated to be carefull […]

Step by step, create your Hotel Facebook strategy

Facebook is an interesting media for any type of facility as it allows transmit any information both written and multimedia about what happens at the Hotel, Hostel, Posada Casona … but what few know is that their hotel Facebook page is visited by a huge amount of potential customers and guests. Let’s build a strategy […]

How to charge taxes with Clerk

Clerk hotel is a system used by many hospitality accommodation in the world, so the automatic tax calculation can not be standardized because each country applies different tax rates and specific rules. We are defining the best way to coordinate what will be soon the best ballot at your fingertips. For now let us tell […]

OTAs: What are they and why you shouldn’t rely on them

Know and learn what OTAs are, their benefits for your hotel business and in what aspects you should stop relying on them in order to start managing your business in an independent, low cost and online manner. There are infographics, reports, statistics and experts’ opinions emerging every day on Internet about the revolution that new […]