Online Tools for SME Hospitality Industry

Sometimes we take the Internet for granted.  In fact, many hoteliers don’t realize just how much the Internet has impacted their business. More importantly, many don’t recognize how much the Internet can influence their business and help them grow. There’s a lot of power behind the ever-growing world of Online Revenue,  Property Management Systems and […]

What are the KPIs in Hospitality and what to do with data ?

Every day hospitality businesses register information in order to operate and serve their customers. Some accommodation wrongly confine themselves by asking for the most basic information and others simply do not analyze their data, but… Information and its analysis is essential for a hotel to be better managed and more profitable (specially for SME accommodations). […]

Activate Despegar.com in your Clerk Channel Manager

Now you can activate Despegar.com in your Clerk Channel Manager (Decolar.com for Brasil). Check all the intermediaries available for activation by clicking here. We have connected with the major OTAs of the world and specially those of Latin America! With this new two way integration you will be able to sell simultaneously your inventory with […]

Atrapalo now available in your Clerk Channel Manager

Since February 2016 you can add the online travel agency “Atrapalo” to your Channel Manager Clerk! * Looking for more information about how a Channel Manager works ? click here This spaniard channel can be very interesting for hoteliers working in the spanish-speaking market as this OTA has invested Latin America and particularly the following […]

Airbnb : What is it about and how can I use it for my hotel business ?

First thing to understand with “collaboratives rentals” such as Airbnb and similars is the sence that you become part of a community. This small change of concept impacts in several ways the classic hospitality model we all know… but with some adjustments you can adopt this sales channel for your business. Does your business fit […]

How TripConnect™ Instant Booking works and costs ?

TripConnect is a tool created to push your property sales directly on TripAdvisor’s website: the world’s most popular review portal. Two star products are at your service: TripConnect ™ Cost-Per-Click TripConnect ™ Instant Booking To enjoy these products you must have a business profile on TripAdvisor and sometimes subscribe to their business listing (in other […]

What do clients expect from a hotel website ? in Latam

Interesting conclusions were arised in the last survey conducted by ClerkHotel onDecember 2014. Both clients and industry professionals were questioned to know more about : What people want on a hotelier website ? Clearly Customers are inclined for high quality images of the hotel ant its rooms. The value assigned to having a booking engine, geolocation […]

Why use a Channel Manager

Previously we have spoken about OTAs (online travel agencies): the good and the bad when hiring them, we even introduced some tactics to sell without OTAs. We may have different point of views on these intermediaries, but there is no doubt we can’t ignore them and sometimes they have a high impact on sales.   […]

Made by Hoteliers for Hoteliers

I’m the owner of an hotel in Viña del Mar, Chile, Hotel Monterilla. 12 years have passed since my wife and I started working in this beautiful 24-room hotel. In these years, I’ve learned that the most important thing is the attention to details. At the same time, I’m a Digital Designer. Eleven years ago I […]

3 non OTAs tactics to sell more at a lower cost

When someone searches mi Hotel in Google with the following query “Viña del Mar hotel monterilla” the result is headed by the OTAs AdWords ads they buy from Google – and charged me through commissions – with the intended idea to get ahead of my website’s offer.   My Hotel has been ranked in search engines with […]

Payment methods integrated to your Booking engine, e-commerce your Hotel

Are you looking for receiving national and foreign credit cards directly on your website? Clerk offers you a booking engine that publishes real time your disponibilities with images and nice descriptions to convince your client to book with you, afterwards your connected to online payments booking engine will guarantee a secure and traveler’s adapted sell channel. […]

How To Encourage Travelers to Book Direct (Rather Than Through an OTA)

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Travelocity and Hotwire can be your hotel’s most effective marketing tool but also its biggest competition. While OTAs do wonders for filling rooms that might have stayed vacant otherwise, they often take business that might have booked directly from hotels in the first place (and saved you the hefty […]