Clerk nominated 1th place in the “Foro de Inversión 2012”

We are so thrilled to be nominated first place against 25 other startups participating in the next Foro de Inversión FI2012!

This event is intended to gather national and foreign experts and investors in order to give access to networking, investment, marketing and internationalization to the 25 nominated entrepreneurship’s!

130 Chilean startup where involved in the selection program, one of them was Clerk. We passed 2 rounds before being nominated in the first place. Now we are involved in a workshop preparing ourselves to next april 18 event where our CEO Jorge Barahona will be presenting Clerk in front a with a selected jury.

This first place will give us the opportunity to present the project with a 25 min range of time. This chance is given to the first 8 startups, after that and until the 17th place the time range if 11 minutes and the last ones will have the opportunity to present videos.

Good luck to all the nominees!