Clerk policy changes

Clerk, Hotel Management announces changes to its terms and conditions policy.

Since the 3th of December of 2012 all new accounts made in Clerk will no longer have the option of suscribing to a 70 reservations free plan. Now new users will have the opportunity to test Clerk  through a free trial period on full account basis for 60 days.

Accounts registered before this date will continue to enjoy their free plan “free for ever” according to the terms and conditions they’ve subscribed. By respecting the 70 month booking the hotel can still use his plan, but if he upgrades for more reservations he won’t be able to go back to Clerk’s Free mode assuming Clerk’s cheapest plan is $39.

Clerk’s new payment system allows you to pay directly on the “Account” tab. If for some reason we can’t process a payment you’ll be warned about it  and if you still can not make your payment you will be transfered to a frozen plan where your configuration and data will be safe and protected.

We will like to recall some points of our terms and conditions philosophy:

  • Your data is yours
  • Your data is secure
  • Your data is portable