Step by step, create your Hotel Facebook strategy

Facebook is an interesting media for any type of facility as it allows transmit any information both written and multimedia about what happens at the Hotel, Hostel, Posada Casona … but what few know is that their hotel Facebook page is visited by a huge amount of potential customers and guests. Let’s build a strategy for the hotel on Facebook.


In search engines such as Facebook, Yahoo or Bing pages of companies and businesses are at the top of the search. This has two advantages:

  • Having a social site with good design and various multimedia documents in one place, plus being in a privileged position in search engines at no cost
  • To all this we recommend ways to make your site attractive hotel Facebook and most importantly, a means of selling. [REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN NOW SELL ON YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE WITH CLERK]

 1. Build a quarterly (4 months) strategy.

Try to build up a speech or a concept of your hotel with all facilities, services and special features afterwards you’ll be able to define one topic for each month. Example: a month devoted to food and beverages sold at the hotel with recipes, photos and comments from the chef. A second month of “activities” will deal with all the things your customers can enjoy near the hotel (take the opportunity to talk to actors complementary to your business, and why not offer a whole package) …

2. Organize a constant flow of information without being repetitive and spammer.

Users who “like” a Facebook page do so for two main reasons (and it has to do with the fact of having stay or not in the Hotel):

  • Inquire about the hotel or find promotions and packages (the person has not been in the hotel)
  • Establish emotional contact after living experience in the hotel.

In either cases, the quarterly strategy creates a storytelling about the hotel that will be  relevant for both inquieries. It is worth mentioning that a Facebook strategy is not complicated you just have to be organized. My personal recommendation is to integrate the hotel team members and provide opportunities to partake in this strategy and will enhance customer relationship. Why not give a camera the employee of the month or create a contest of employees?!

Regarding the organization of post scheduling on Facebook, the target it’s not to make millions of updates. The point is to do something completely natural – As if you where bragging about your business with your friends: Look at the cocktail we sell, look at the shipment of fruits that we just arrived, Look we have a new employee … can be a 3 times a week or a day where you “upload” many things at once to your page. Anyways, what matters is to create a kind of “diary” of the hotel and gain brand value.

Ah! and do not forget to talk about promotions and exclusive packages for Facebook fans.

3. Make a good post on Facebook

Imagen de un escritorio con notebook y cuaderno de anotaciones para ilustrar el comienzo a la hora de hacer un buen post en facebook

  • Short and clear message but friendly – alone or with videos or photos (you can find inspiration for image databases like Flickr)
  • Entering a link attempt to use a shortener like – or – if you enter video url or links you can delete once you view the multimedia document.
  • Choose days surrounding weekends or holidaysTry to schedule times post free “traffic” type 11pm 11am or 4pm (say, as you gradually realize that when your fans are more receptive.)
  • Use powerful and meaningful words: [EVENT] [PROMOTION] [CONTEST]

Have more ideas? Feel free to share them with me in the comments space


  • A really nice article about branding hotel in facebook. Loved it. Here is my step by step tutorial on waiter training, may be helpful for your readers in hospitality school

  • A really nice article about branding hotel in facebook. Loved it. Here is my step by step tutorial on waiter training, may be helpful for your readers in hospitality school