What are the KPIs in Hospitality and what to do with data ?

Every day hospitality businesses register information in order to operate and serve their customers. Some accommodation wrongly confine themselves by asking for the most basic information and others simply do not analyze their data, but…

Information and its analysis is essential for a hotel to be better managed and more profitable (specially for SME accommodations).

Following we have the data we request or register during the different phases of the hotel activity and the basic results we should process in order to analyze the health of our business.


reserva dashboard PMS

Data informed:

  • Date
  • “Client”
  • Contact/intermediary
  • Segment (person, company, agency)
  • Arrival date
  • Payment received
  • Number of staying guests

Results when data is processed:

  • Booking registered quotas on a specific date or period
  • Segments quotas on specific dates or period
  • % of arrivals on specific dates
  • Accountings on registered payments / advanced payments
  • Booking origin (intermediary, OTA, web, walk-in…) by date or period








The analysis resulting from processed data – we register when bookings are made – is very valuable if we want to understand how we are generating sales. Being able to interpret the customer behavior and his purchase journey will lead to define a sales strategy that goes beyond establishing low and high seasons.


ingreso de informacion de reserva

Data registered :

  • Check-out date
  • “Client”
  • Segment
  • Total amount
  • Total stay days
  • Category/services charged
  • Payment mode
  • Dues/differed payments
  • promotion/changes on price

Results when data is processed:

  • client’s payment history
  • Segment of client staying in a certain period
  • Average price of a room type on a specific period time or segment
  • Daily or period REVPAR
  • Average days of stay
  • Categories and services purchased on specific dates or segments
  • Sales results











At this point – although we limited ourselves to the basic information we register to complete the check-out – we are generating key information that will help us plan costs and profits for the current year and to come.

What are the KPIs to undestand your clientele and market ?

We have segmented our clientele in 3 big groups (person, company, agency) in order to understand how they book, purchase services, stay… depending on the segment they belong. But the reality is we’ve just learned the top of the iceberg when it comes to our clients.

The Customer’s data base*

registro de pasajero reserva

Data registered:

  • First name/Last name/ID number (basic details you need to differentiate your clients on a data base)
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Birthday/age

Results when data is processed:

  • Loyal customer program
  • Purchase behavior according to the age
  • Sales depending on the type of clients (family, couple, room type, services charged)
  • Types of stays (weekend, group, leisure, work…)
  • Seasons related to nationality/events/deal









All these details are interesting if we want to know who visit us and why; then we’ll be able to fragment our clientele in order to answer special needs and why not attract more a specific type of client over another.

The analysis of our demand becomes a gold mine when we start crossing the information we got from the results presented earlier. Among other great insights you could create client’s profile, create special products/add-ons or help you plan your sales strategy.

*The customer’s data base presented here is the entity that will be invoiced but you can also include the information of each one of your staying guest if you wish to have even more data. This applies also when you invoice companies or agencies.

* ————————–*

All the information you need to generate your reports and results are registered on your Clerk account in the different booking steps: booking date, check-in, stay, check-out… all this in a friendly and neat.

Afterwards you will get nice reports with visualizations of your results by time periods and can download the excel document to explore even more!