E-marketing for your hotel: what you need to know about SEO, ORM and WOM

You don’t know what SEO, ORM and WOM mean?

The terms Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management and Word of Mouth are vital for your e-marketing strategy and, therefore, are a key part to obtain more revenues in your hotel.

Online search hotel SEO

However, in Clerk we want you to apply these terms in a simple, easy way to your hotel management. Here you have a couple of ideas that can be implemented straight away to improve your bookings:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): make your rooms stand among the crowd.  First, you need to understand the online behaviour of your customers: what keywords they use when searching for a hotel online, whether they check the comments of a hotel’s blog, if they prefer to be informed through a hotel’s Facebook page, Twitter account, and the list goes on. How to find out all of this? A simple way is to ask it in a brief survey when they check in or when they book a room online. Also, you can google terms that you think you would use in case of searching for a hotel room and see if your business appears in the first page. If not, you can re-focus your content adding location, special features and services of the place to make it more adequate to your potential customers.
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM): how you are (and want to be) perceived by your customers. In the tourism industry it’s not enough to create an image about yourself–you must have a great, unique presentation in front of your providers, customers and public in general. How to do this from scratch? Start by talking to influencers like tourist gurus, specialized hospitality websites or hotel bloggers; then share your own opinions with others that need information; and take a stand with powerful innovations made in your business to improve customers’ service, for example. You have all the social media, plus your website and hotel staff, to differentiate from other hoteliers.
  • Word of Mouth (WOM): let others speak good things about you. Nobody wants to listen to a business talking about itself all the time–it’s not believable, interesting or useful. So please let other businesses or customers talk about your services, rates, features and staff. Notice that each negative comment neutralizes from three to 10 positives, so it is a “must” to be aware of what it’s being said about you on TripAdvisor and, even more important, to respond any queries related to your hotel.