Encuentros Hoteleros ¿Cómo vender mi hotel directamente en internet?

Last week we celebrated a new edition of Hoteliers meetup with our colleagues of Valparaíso’s region.

It was a pleasure to meet again with faithful colleagues and other new participants to share new succesfull and failure stories in SMEs hospitality businesses.

Topic #1: What is the situation and the sales channels of the Internet industry today?

We explain what was the situation for the hospitality industry in online channels. What were the developments and trends that were currently happening in order to know which of those novelties had a direct impact in the hotelier’s everyday. What we needed to understand is that the web is becoming more personalized and that we could influence our online findability with our own tools.

Topic #2: Increase 10% your occupancy!

To increase occupancy we must understand how it works when the traveler is on the internet, what happens when he visits an online travel agency, when he visits your hotel’s website? Understanding your potencial customer is important for us hoteliers as afterwards we can value certain things in our communication strategies such as: Free Wifi (highly valued by guests).

topic #3: Increase your profitability by 20%!

We wanted to convey our colleagues the need to work with common goals, thinking in intencifiying our industry unity to promote our tourism destination. That’s why Jorge told us a bit more about his personal experience and strategy to appear in the first 4 places of Google searches, what are the things that impacts the customer and had Offline and Online implications for the Hotel.

The result and premicia that reached over this event was that we had to take the arms to defend what is ours through various tools offered by the web and Clerk. Also we came with strategies easy to implement to boost the sales and avoid intermediaries dependency.

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