Clerkhotel PMS, favorite user interface design

We love receiving congratulatory messages for the tools we develo here in Clerk. Clients sending messages to indicate they like a new release always make us very proud and lead us to discuss with them how to facilitate their everyday… but we also like when the industry point to us and applaud our work.

In this occasion “Software Advice”, a company that helps buyers to choose the right software, did a comparative study of PMS (hospitality management systems)

software advice UI interface favorite

So, in this process we showed up within the 7 favorite hotel management user interfaces. The author of this article, Taylor Short, specialist and consultant left us the following quotes: 

“When choosing our favorite hotel management software user interfaces, the Clerk Hotel Management UI instantly jumped out with bright color-coding and simplified navigation tabs that makes it easy to find the desired function.”

He also highlighted a specific Clerk feature, the “seasons” one:  

“The screenshot of Clerk’s rate calendar gives a clear overview of several months at a time, and we like the ability to select a rate code and slide over dates to apply percentages.”.

software advice clerk favorite


If you wish to see the article click on the Following link.