Grand success from “Encuentos Hoteleros” in Santiago

This past evening, May 8th,  a new edition of “Encuentros Hoteleros” took place in the Apoquindo Campus of INACAP. This new meeting resulted with great success as we had more than 45 representatives from Santiago Hotels and personalities from the hospitality industry from both the university category as consultants and representatives of Hoteliers of Chile.

We had ​​presentations on topics that interest the owners and managers within the hospitality industry such as hotels, hostels, B & B. .. these were the three topics and speakers:

  • Laurent Devlieger, expert in pricing and revenue management and consultant in tourism management, presentedHow do you fix a price policy using the internet?

  • Franklin Carpenter, INACAP Director of hotels, tourism & gastronomy, presented a comprehensive global market analysis of the hotel industry and future demands in “The professionalization of actors in the tourism industry?”

  • Clerks Hotel Management’s very own Jorge Barahona, hotelier and digital media consultant, presented the cutting edge Clerk Application, making the lives of hotel administrators much more simplistic in “How to operate the management of administration, sales, and customers of your hotel with the help of Clerk?”

To complete the evening, we invited each representative to share a top class cocktail prepared by the V semester students the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management INACAP Apoquindo. This made for a pleasant time to continue sharing with our colleagues and peers in the hospitality industry.
We send a great thank you to all those who joined us this night, the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at INACAP, and its director of academics, Sr. Gabriel Leronart Tomás. We would also like to recognize the academic managers and students of the school of Hotel and Restaurant Management INACAP, while not forgetting to thank the support of Hoteliers of Chile in this dynamic.

We take note of all suggestions for improving these meetings, new topics and release dates.
The evening was a total success! – Clerk Hotel Management team.