Hotels & Online Payments: a tough relationship with pros and cons

For hoteliers across the world, it is hard to understand and implement changes on their businesses, especially when they are small ones, and even more when these innovations have to do with money and online services. Let’s check out a couple of pros and cons about online payments within the hotel universe.

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  • Money for sure. If your hotel is directly receiving the payments of your passengers, you can avoid the trouble of collecting money from small operators or intermediates that do not ensure you will get your fees on time.
  • Quality customer service. You do not want to make your customers wait or let them find any delay on their payment process. One quick solution is to provide reliable, easy-to-understand payment solutions for them and yourself.
  • Confirmed bookings. With online payments, you not only ensure payments made directly into your account, but also you know customers will show up (or, if they don’t, they are going to pay a penalty fee).


  • Commissions involved. We all have paid commissions we don’t even understand what they are for, or finding out about an additional fee just at the last stage of an online buy. This is why in Clerk we are now working with Stripe, which gives us fairer commissions, among many other benefits.
  • Lack of internet access. It’s hard to believe nowadays there are still people without a smooth, constant internet access—even less believable when it comes to small businesses. However, the reality is that some hoteliers are not properly connected and/or engaged with online platforms, which can be a true challenge if they are planning to manage their payments through Internet. If you are one of them, start by learning some key concepts involved in your booking strategy.

But we cannot end this post without reminding you that in Clerk you can sell without commissions, which allows you to diversify your distribution channels.

Do you have any other pros and cons about your online payment system? What are your proposals to improve your online customer service?