How to charge taxes with Clerk

Clerk hotel is a system used by many hospitality accommodation in the world, so the automatic tax calculation can not be standardized because each country applies different tax rates and specific rules.

We are defining the best way to coordinate what will be soon the best ballot at your fingertips. For now let us tell you how to charge taxes in two  steps.

Enter the Administration tab, click Services. We recommend you to create a category “Taxes or VAT” and then create a service with the specific description and the amount (%) applied. Leave at “0″ all your enabled currencies.

tax en alimentos y bebidas

When processing a Check-out you must calculate the tax due, then on the reservation click on the Services tab and enter in the TAX applied and edit the amount by clicking on the pencil. Now register the amount.

ingreso de servicio tax

calculadora con impuesto

Ready, the tax has been integrated on our client’s ballot.

factura con tax aplicado