How to use “Rates and Seasons” on Clerk

Seasons and Rates: The idea with all this is to organize the supply and demand of your accommodation in order to increase your profitability and anticipate both staff and the purchase of supplies needed for the coming of many or few customers.

Learn how to use our new feature “Rates and Seasons” to maximize your hotel earnings with Clerk, through this video or the summary we prepared for you:

  • Go to the administration panel of your Clerk account
  • On the “Rooms” tab change the name and type of room
  • Decide if you want to sell online through the web booking or Facebook modules
  • If you need to add a new room, click on ‘Add room’ in the bottom of your screen
  • If you want to convert a room into a cabin, for example, first create a new type of room in the tab “types”
  • In there, configure basic features, maximum of passengers and minimum stay
  • Go back to the “Room” tab and make the necessary changes to convert the room you want into a cabin
  • Enter up to 3 different rates, besides rack, to be able to define the seasons in your calendar
  • Go to the “Seasons” tab and configure your calendar with the previously defined rates
  • Click on a day and drag your mouse for the whole period you want to set up as a season.

Remember you can move seasons and apply different prices as many times as you want, while the blank spaces in your calendar will appear with rack rates.

When configuring rates and seasons, make sure you fill all of the fields, since this information will appear on your web and Facebook bookings. Likewise, the images and descriptions are a big sells reason to convince your customers online.