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I’m the owner of an hotel in Viña del Mar, Chile, Hotel Monterilla.

12 years have passed since my wife and I started working in this beautiful 24-room hotel. In these years, I’ve learned that the most important thing is the attention to details.

At the same time, I’m a Digital Designer. Eleven years ago I founded AyerViernes, a Strategy and Desing Consultancy for digital media where we’ve helped to build the Internet focused, User Experience.

Both conditions are special and ideal to develop Clerk, since I’ve become a client of my own digital start-up.

I’m totally aware of the needs that small and medium hoteliers have. I also know how the web must be done, how the web services should be, the problems involved and what to do to make a web-based app user-friendly, close, effective, usable and adapted to the people needs. That is what we do at AyerViernes; the basis of work is the positive experience of the users.

To be a SMB hotelier involves a lot of things. We have to be in a lot of places during the day; we are in constant movement so we need to know everything about the daily sales. We have a very short budget to integrate information services to our business, we can’t afford much for a software, we understand barely nothing of computing, etc.

We need fitted solutions capable to understand that I can’t and don’t want to talk with programmers nor manage updates nor anything that could take me out of my core business: selling accommodations. At the same time I need to have total control in order to make changes, decide for different alternatives, give proper instructions and to react within the day that the sales take place.

To any hotelier, the capability to know from any part of the world how the business is doing, make discounts or just know how the sales are going, is vital. We need to be informed and with the power to easily change a price, block a room or prepare for the arrival of a group of tourist scheduled for tomorrow. And, of course, the tools that help me to do that have to be clear, secure and stay with me at every time. That’s exactly what Clerk is; a devout partner that wants you to sell, a lot.

While you sell and sell, we care for the management tool updates. With Clerk you don’t need to install anything, you don’t need to read a manual, and above all, you don’t depend on anyone that tells you what to do. Clerk is easy to use, powerfull and secure. With Clerk you manage your business the way you want, whenever you want and from wherever you want with total security since all the info is encrypted with the highest security levels.

Don’t worry, there’s a free trial account for you so you can evaluate our service.

Jorge Barahona


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