Make a mobile version of Hotel website

Steps to get the perfect mobile version of your hotel website

Get a mobile version of your Hotel website is very important if you want to fulfill the needs that mobile travelers demand when traveling – and also, if you want to be better marketed on Google and have more sales ! We have listed the key points to build a mobile version for a hotel, B & B, Inn, motel …

Indeed, traveling tourists use their phones in a particular way and with certain limitations.

First of all, you have to take into account that cellphones have small screen and download data slower than a desktop computer, in addition, the mobile traveler is in his leisure time and in a place that is unfamiliar and therefore implies certain impositions.

The mobile version of a hotel should not be a duplicate of the original version!

mobile website version

  • Practical information (schedules, fares, free wifi …)
  • Few images of good quality, and suitable for mobile (280px wide witha resolution of 72dpi)
  • Reviews and comments from guests
  • Geolocation maps (two kinds, one to locate the hotel in the tourist area and another focusing on the )
  • Ideas and information about what to do nearby the hotel
  • Readable content (size, color…)
  • Navigation tab and buttons clear and accessible
  • Direct call to the hotel, Skype account, and links to social networks.
  • Online reservation widget. This is important for many travelers make last minute booking through the phone – do not miss the opportunity to access that demand.

The mobile version has to be reactive and practical, do not hesitate in putting yourself in the travelers position and ask what are the hotel’s features worth to be detailed or being ilustrated by pictures.

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