Payment methods integrated to your Booking engine, e-commerce your Hotel

Are you looking for receiving national and foreign credit cards directly on your website?

Clerk offers you a booking engine that publishes real time your disponibilities with images and nice descriptions to convince your client to book with you, afterwards your connected to online payments booking engine will guarantee a secure and traveler’s adapted sell channel.

Online payments are an important feature for indepent hoteliers as in one hand they can ensure a reservation and in the other hand clients feel more comfortable to book directly.

We have at your disposal card acceptance systems fully integrated with your Clerk booking engine so everything is updated in real time! Do not opt for a cheap paid services that doesn’t records charges and gives poor reliance to your client.

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One important thing you should know is that receiving foreign credit cards and domestic ones is a complex transaction in hospitality industry. This is mostly because hotels have payments particularities to take in account (no-show charges, 50% Reservations, package payments, service charges extra) and travelers purchasing behavior also ha important specificities that can’t be forget (Purchase journey, interface and UX, security context …).

In Clerk we know what are the hotel needs regarding online payment that is why we work on offering you the necessary tools and  perform studies to improve your clients shopping experience.

We are integrated with Paypal, Stripe y WebPay Plus and are going to add more as we expand.

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Clerk is a worldwide online service so depending on your country we can advise a payment method that suits you bestContact us!

Online payments services for hotels, Apart hotels, Hostels, B&B…