Price edition

We systematically run usability tests to improve ClerkHotel and make it simpler, easier and faster to use. At the same time, we’re constantly monitoring worldwide user comments and suggestions regarding Clerk improvements.

One of them is the capability to in-site rooms and services price edition in order to help to a more flexible daily sale. A few weeks ago we released the rooms price edition and today we extended that feature to the services.

ClerkHotel allows the edition and gives you a powerful prices calculator so you can easily apply discounts to both rooms and services.

Image of the Room price calculator

Every time you create a reservation, you can edit the setted up price in the administration panel. You can apply discounts per night, by percentage or for the total amount.

Image of the Services calculator

With the same idea, for your services you can apply discounts to a unit, to a group of items or to the total amount assigned to a bill.

What changes?

For a better precision at managing your bills we added this two changes and removed the posibility to make general discounts in the “Summary

Now in both “Rooms” and “Services” tabs, you’ll find an access for price edition as the next screenshot shows:

Image of Pen-icon-to-edit-prices