Quick access for slow connections

Optimización de servidores de Clerk

Clerk is present in over 40 countries. In many locations the internet connection is really slow. The fact that our clients from Africa, China or from rural zones use mainly 3G connection makes download time and quick response of Clerk’s services key drivers for our service quality level.
Optimizing our systems and doing everything in our hands to improve the experience of our clients is a daily work delivering better usability and service quality to the final customers of our users.
At the moment we released Clerk in september 2010, the response times for a mobile 3G internet connection took about 7 seconds. That’s the time that took to a hotelier to download the whole screen.
By growing our client portfolio with hotels from whole around the world we understood that Clerk’s response must be optimal, quick and without delays.
Thus we kept working untiringly to optimize the system and today – october 2011 – we happily announce that Clerk’s response time is now less than 3 seconds, which means less costs for our customers who manage their business with Clerk using a 3G connection.