Seasons and Rates in Clerk: PMS with Revenue

Clerk’s aim is being the online system that helps you to better manage your rooms with tools to market and monetize your occupation so we launch Rates and Seasons!

We planned this new functionality for quite some time now in order to make the sales strategy and pricing policy process the most friendly posible. We redesign the administration tab of your Clerk account so that everything works consistently with what you decide project in the short, medium and long term.

With special rates you can set specific prices depending on holiday, weekends, special festivals or other local event high or low demand.

Once you set Rates go to your Seasons tab, brush over your rates and visualize how your Seasons looks on the calendar

Starting from here, the idea is to engage the development of a variety of tools that will enhance your revenue and marketing features. Be ready to welcome novelties for your booking widgets and business inteligence. Following this idea, you might wonder why you can upload pictures but can’t see where or why we give you these posibility, well in our next launch your booking will have pictures for each type of room – this will improve your clients experience and get more sales.

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