Social media for hoteliers: geolocation in your hotel

Geolocation services allows you to share your location by a check-in from your mobile phone. For hotel management, applications such as Foursquare, Gowalla or Google Places can turn into a powerful online marketing tool, due to the possibility for users to rate local places.

In ClerkHotel, we recommend some ways to take advantage of free utilities for companies that geolocation services offer.

  • Claim your place: to mark the location of your hotel, you have the ability to add relevant information in that point on the map. If you use Google Places, location and description of your hotel can be seen on Google Maps.
  • Promotions: cultivate the loyalty of your customers through different types of promotions. For example, first check-in gives your client a free drink at the bar (Check Foursquare Specials).
  • Spread your offers: most of geolocation services are connected to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so when someone registers at your hotel all his friends and followers will know.