Social media for hoteliers: tips for your hotel promotional videos

Video can be a hotelier’s best ally for his business promotion, especially for small and medium entrepreneurs. Internet is full of free resources, as YouTube and Vimeo to share content online with a massive audience.

American Express Open Forum published a list of tips to make the most out of video resources. In ClerkHotel, we’ve pulled together some of these recommendations to help hoteliers in their marketing strategy:

  • Add subtitles to your videos: Be sure your content is accessible to anyone who’d like to watch it, even for hearing impaired people.
  • Remove offensive comments: It’s not good to remove any negative comment, but you have to delete those that use offensive language.There are options to allow you to moderate comments before they’re published.
  • Engage with the community: Subscribe and follow channels of local hoteliers and tourism associations. Favorite some of their videos and comment the ones you like.
  • Organize your videos: Create playlists to group videos together, or lump older content into time-related folders if that’s more relevant to your organization.
  • Tag: Add the correct tags to your videos and try to use the most relevant.
  • Promote your videos elsewhere: Every time you post a video, YouTube and Vimeo allows you automatically publish it in Facebook and Twitter. Watch account settings options to add social networks.