Tips to attract (and charm) your hotel customers

One of our daily goals as hoteliers is to attract new customers into our business.
However, we sometimes forget about charming them too: what’s the difference? It means it’s not enough to get more tourists in our rooms if their experience is not outstanding, remarkable, worth of telling their family and friends about.
Why? Because we want to be known by the unique, customized and delightful service we provide. Here are a couple of tips to help you accomplish that:
  • We all love presents.

First impressions are essential in the hospitality business and, although your customers probably have already an idea about your hotel through your website, it’s also important to cover all your bases by giving them a small gift when they are finally in their rooms. Depending on the location of your hotel, the amount of days and rooms booked and even the season, you can add a traditional/local souvenir with your hotel’s name on it, a free drink or a brochure with customized information about what they can do in their current destination. The important thing is to create a moment or object that reminds them about your services.




  • Decent, accessible wifi.

Or, at least, make your customers clear about where they can find internet access. If you are innovating with online bookings, social media, e-commerce and your facilities are not in the same “online frequency”, then you have a problem. You can add a sticker to your passenger’s room keys/cards to let them know the wifi password or you can create a whole “internet area” near the reception to plug in laptops or to use a computer provided by you.

  • A unique style provides a mesmerizing experience.

All the initiatives detailed above are not good enough if your products, services and especially your staff are not unique. How to get that differentiation factor? First, think about your corporate image, what you are transmitting to your passenger through the decoration, the way your employees refer to the newcomers when they check in, how well your team knows the city and how (or if) they provide valuable information to the customers, among other details that can convert an “OK” visit to an average hotel into a mesmerizing experience.

This way you not only can generate a sense of satisfaction in your customers, but also increase your good reputation in sites like TripAdvisor. Do you have any other advices to know how to attract and charm hotel customers?