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The big thing you need to understand in the online universe is that 80% of the time tourist are inspired with search engines. So its really important to establish a online reputation by building the next two indicators:

  • Relevance
  • Authority

To qualify for relevancy, your Web and social networks have to integrate keywords, content and links to the subject you want to be a stakeholder.

For the second one, you have to behave like if you where on a elections campaign. Start talking to influencers, share opinions with others, declare shocking concepts or ideas … be present everywhere.

Eventually the two indicators are split but shared, so a well strategy designed it is very easy to implement. Ask help to the webmaster who will make the page and organise the social networks that you will be managing.

tourism reputation online hotel

Google places now known as Google Local + is a powerful tool that meets these goals plus it’s the most famous search engine. The particularity of this is that it was intended as an integral solution for geolocated business creates relations with different characteristics:

You have a dedicated page and a chance to see how they appear in the lists of the query or place looked for. If you occupy the “social” options and share stuff about your business across the internet you might get tourist’s votes and rank better on Google.

geotag reputation

As our responsibility to any page dedicated to our business we are required to fill all the spaces referred… Clearly, in the case of Google Local + everything is very easy to upload and planned to be commercially beautiful.

Also know that with this service you can receive opinions, satisfactions and criticisms to improve – in more detail and less controversial.g+ for hotels




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