We listen to our costumers in Clerk

In early January 2013 we launched Seasons and Rates, an important feature for our SME customer who wants to project easily a differentiated pricing policy according to seasons or specific events.

We are excited because we’ve received very good feedback and in fact had ​​some unactive accounts that started to operate again! But we have also received criticism and suggestions about this new feature:

Within a week of launching “Seasons and Rates” for all our users we are making slight internal changes based on your critics and suggestions to improve Clerk’s usability and experience prior to the development of new products. The first change has to do with the calculator that helps you edit prices, the second with detailing prices on manual reservations and the third with the receipts/invoices Clerk delivered to you.

1. Price Calculator

  • We enable again the option of “selling as…” so you can change the type of a room depending on the situation (ex. sold as a double if a couple comes or single when one person makes check-in).
  • We integrated an option that allows you to provide for an entire stay a flat fee, in case you are under a contract or agreement with an agency or company and have to apply a single price without making calculations or edit your seasons.

2. Invoice/receipt detail

  • Before the rate and room changes were not registered in the best way possible in our invoice/receipt. Now the calculations are rounded and separate, taken into consideration the change of type of room defined in the calculator.

These are the changes that have been made to the release of Rates and Seasons. These improvements will also be accompanied by the new Booking Clerk where the images, descriptions and rates variations are taken into consideration. The following is an example of this:

booking mejorado con descripciones e imágenes

We hope you enjoy everything we are doing to make Clerk a better accommodation system for you.