What do clients expect from a hotel website ? in Latam

Interesting conclusions were arised in the last survey conducted by ClerkHotel onDecember 2014. Both clients and industry professionals were questioned to know more about : What people want on a hotelier website ?

Clearly Customers are inclined for high quality images of the hotel ant its rooms. The value assigned to having a booking engine, geolocation and offers were among the most important factors that lead to book online. The fact that they appreciate the existence of a booking engine associated with finding deals and packages is clearly indicating that customers want to be in contact wihth the hotel and find the most convenient prices directly. The study also points out that hotel websites should be display in all devices with the right content.


83% likes big and realistic room pictures
68% cares that the hotel is geolocated and that a map is there to guide them
65% look for deals and affordable prices
61% wants to call the hotel so a phone number needs to be available
58% want the presence of a booking engine

Hotel receptionists

The vast majority of receptionists and hotel staff related to sales appreciate that the website help them to illustrate and support daily calls and commercial arguments.  But at the same time complain about the lack of updated content and the misplaced information that the webmaster uploads (to auto-administrate your own website is the best option to avoid this problems).



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